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laravel redirect

In this post, you will learn some Laravel Redirect Cheat Sheet that is useful in your Laravel development.


It will redirect to another page with status 302 indicating a temporary redirect.

//redirect to another page. Status is 302 indicating temporay redirect
Route::redirect('/page', '/new-page');


This example can define page status as 3rd parameter which indicates a permanent redirect.

//can pass status as 3rd Parameter. 301 indicates permanent redirect
Route::redirect('/page', '/new-page', 301);


Same as above example but no need to set a 301-page status

//Same as above
Route::permanentRedirect('/page', '/new-page');


This example shows that we can redirect with parameters.

//Redirect along with the parameter
Route::redirect('/page/{param}', '/new-page/{param}');


This example can redirect with all parameters available.

//Redirect with all parameters
Route::redirect('/page/{params?}', '/new-page/{params?}')->where('params', '(.*)');